We are destined for greatness.


All around us, the world crumbles. The ocean churns with toxic waste. The air is heavy with smog. War rages over families’ homes, and the innocent die for the profit of the powerful.


It’s an agonizing reality to behold, but what is perhaps even more troubling is a society that has become paralyzed with complacency, and utterly desensitized to the horrors of the world.


We’re a race of waiters, and yet, we wait for nothing; we cannot stop and understand for a moment. We cannot empathize, we do not have the time to care, we do not have the patience to persist. Our outcries over the world’s injustices are feeble and weak, and forgotten the moment our cheek has turned to the next great distraction in our busy lives.


This is not freedom. This is not success. This is a life dictated by obligation, and overrun by the immoral imperative to succeed at the cost of never helping anyone else.


I am guilty as I type this. So guilty, it sickens me. I don’t act. I don’t fight. I hide behind the circumstances of my own life as a means to escape the ethical imperative to fight for a better world, and it is something I’m deeply ashamed of.


Can we awaken? Can we truly snap out of the trance of this circular pattern we’re wearing into the fabric of our lives? Is there even the remotest possibility of breaking the cycle?


I fear we don’t have the discipline. I worry that it will all fall apart, long before we ever find the resolve to change things. But fear won’t change things either, so I hope, as we all must – at the very least – that enough among us are great enough to save us from ourselves.


The call to action can never come from someone else – we must command ourselves to greatness, to a higher calling that will take us to heights we’ve never imagined. Can we monetize human kindness? Can we put in place a system so infallible, that even that taboo beast capitalism can’t resist the call to participate?


This world may have once been driven by more than money, but certainly not in the memory of anyone currently living on it. Rather than try to squash the notion that capitalism can be for anything greater than self-preservation, can we instead create systems and models that make it profitable, and indeed, sensible to help others? Can we create an economy around goodness and peace?


I believe we can. I believe that things are only as evil as we make them, and that includes money. Money can make people do terrible things, but so can love. What if money could make us do beautiful things? Wonderful things? Things that would save lives, end despair, and give our children a world to live and thrive on?


Wall of locks


We have to stop fighting. We have to put down our spears and cast our predisposed notions about each other to the side, if we are ever to make anything truly change, if we are to save even one good thing, one innocent life. We can’t better this world, even as we tear each other apart.


We are mankind, and we are flawed, but there is greatness in us, and a capacity for understanding that has the potential to truly change the world.


This world is so beautiful. This life is so fleeting. We simply must save it.



Over the next 30 days, I’m going to publish one thing a day that I’m doing to try to make the world a better place. I’m flawed, so, so deeply flawed, and the things I do may not be what you would do to make a difference, so you know what I want you to do? I want you to tell me what you’d do instead.


Share your advice with me – share it with everyone, and together, let’s start a collective idea that change isn’t a one-way street, and that there are many ways to go about it, but the only way to get there is to start walking down it.


Together, we’ll learn, explore some of the problems of the world, and the ways in which we can fix them. We’ll start a detoxification of complacency together, of that paralysis of t00-much that comes from a modern life, and decide collectively that, no matter how busy we are, we will help each other.