i love making the good guys insanely successful

With a fascination for data trends and a way with words, I’m helping companies I love dominate their industries.

I’m Destiny Hagest, and I’m obsessed with sales

My career started in a strange place – conversion content marketing. For a long time, my job was to write articles that were engineered to get a certain action out of readers – click, buy, repeat.

From there, I moved into helping manufacturers create compelling marketing materials, creating blog content, copy sets, and leading on content strategy.

Through this work, I touched every part of the sales process. Where most departments’ involvement ended as they passed the baton to the next guy, as I re-wrote e-commerce copy and created content for the social teams, what I saw were patterns and connections between the very widest and very narrowest parts of the sales process.

I saw companies getting frustrated and overwhelmed by content, measuring the wrong KPIs, and sales campaigns converting at miserably low rates, despite excellent copy and UX.

My copy agency gone full-service e-commerce sales consulting firm focuses on every aspect of the digital sales process, from content-driven lead generation, to conversion rate optimization.




“Copywriting has the power to solve every problem, it’s why I love it. Marketing, customer retention, relationships, even a meltdown with a toddler. It’s all in how you say something.”

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