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And you need people to know you. You need brand recognition that puts your purpose above your price tag and gives you the numbers to keep doing good in the world.

That’s where I come in. I consult with world-saving brands to fix digital sales processes and create lead generation strategies that never stop.


E-commerce Sales Consulting

Custom consulting for B2B and B2C manufacturers and distributors, with custom strategies available across any industry.

Content Strategy

Give your team the ability to generate leads in-house, and generate up to 4x as many sales per promotion.


Blog Launch

Get the support and step by step guidance to launch a branded blog that could generate up to 1,200% more site traffic in months.

Digital Sales Strategy

Identify weak points in your sales processes and get the tools and expertise you need to close those gaps.

In-House Training

Handle your marketing without an agency, and with all of the experience of a content marketer with a specialization in sales (that’d be me).


Get on the list that’s increased sales 16x, with product descriptions, site copy, and email marketing with freakishly high success rates.

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Powerful insights to connect the entire digital sales process, from content to conversion.

Testimonials & Featured Clients

Working with Destiny is a breeze. She is professional, thorough, and adds a unique voice and perspective. She responds quickly to email, adapts easily to direction, and is always positive and upbeat! She is organized, never misses a deadline, and has become an essential part of our core content strategy. She's always looking to elevate our content and become more strategic.

Jessica Hann, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Social, Avocado Green Mattress

I really enjoy working with Destiny. She understands our products and customer base and is always on time.

Susan Gmeiner, CEO @ Maya Wrap


Destiny is super easy to work with. She can turn any scrambled up incoherent thoughts and ideas into beautifully crafted words. She brought our non-existent blog page to life - we couldn't have done without her. Thank you!

Susan Yeung, Marketing Director, J+S Vision

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